Séchoir à air forcé transportable

Transportable forced air dryer

Transportierbarer Gebläselufttrockner


A transportable or hand carriable forced air dryer for boots, gloves and facepieces such as gas masks and other headpieces with attached drinking tubes. A pair of manifolds having spaced parallel tubes extend in opposite directions from a blower housing/plenum structure. Each manifold has plural spaced upstanding air discharge tubes. Each air discharge tube has attached thereto a form expander in looped form extending in spaced parallel arrangement and terminating beyond the air discharge to prevent air blockage by the article to be dried. One manifold is permanently connected and the other is quick connected and quick disconnected, without tools for field reassembly. For transport, the released manifold is inverted and nested on the permanently connected manifold for compact installation in a tote bag. The air discharge tubes are provided with a nipple sized and threaded to receive thereon a standard military canteen cap having a reduced size nipple thereon for connection to a drinking tube of a gas mask disposed for drying on an adjacent air discharge tube.




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