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US-2006074205-A1: Production of broad molecular weight polyethylene patent, US-2007185390-A1: Information workflow for a medical diagnostic workstation patent, US-2009063516-A1: Load on demand network analysis patent, US-2009234544-A1: Vehicle active head restraint system with a locking linkage patent, US-2004170968-A1: Artificial long terminal repeat vectors patent, US-2005256857-A1: Compressed document matching patent, US-2008057013-A1: Lip gloss compositions with enhanced shine patent, US-2004132061-A1: Dual-purpose primers and probes for providing enhanced hybridization assays by disruption of secondary structure formation patent, US-2009155432-A1: Calcium-enriched food product patent, US-2005120334-A1: Method for competitive peer programming patent, US-2005224384-A1: Orthopaedic instrument sterilization case patent, US-2005249220-A1: Hierarchical QoS behavioral model patent, US-2010007106-A1: Multi-use child seating apparatus patent, US-2008306390-A1: Optical sensor confidence algorithm patent, US-2006135437-A1: Novel use of peptide compounds for treating pain in trigeminal neuralgia patent, US-2007034332-A1: Apparatus and method for fabricating bonded substrate patent, US-2008003383-A1: Repositionable photo paper patent, US-2008045352-A1: Golf club head patent, US-2009159207-A1: Apparatus and method for disassembling a tire building core patent, US-2009281955-A1: Method of and system for enabling and managing sub-contracting entities patent, US-2003151663-A1: Video storage and delay device for use with an in-car video system patent, US-2007009947-A1: Specific and universal probes and amplification primers to rapidly detect and identify common bacterial pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes from clinical specimens for routine diagnosis in microbiology laboratories patent, US-2007238707-A1: Solid Oral Dosage Form Containing an Enhancer patent, US-2003198616-A1: Moisturizing skin gel and method patent, US-2005066881-A1: Continuous production method for crystalline silicon and production apparatus for the same patent, US-2007059387-A1: Use of a polyphenol for the treatment of a cancerous or precancerous lesion of the skin patent, US-2009106275-A1: Method and system for screening items for transport patent, US-2008213547-A1: Composite Composition for Micropatterned Layers Having High Relaxation Ability, High Chemical Resistance and Mechanical Stability patent, US-2008232783-A1: Personal Video Recording With Machine Learning For Messaging patent, US-2004243233-A1: Method of implanting an accommodating intraocular lens patent, US-2008222917-A1: Article Of Footwear Having A Fluid-Filled Bladder With A Reinforcing Structure patent, US-2004094269-A1: Methods for determining amounts and locations of differential pressure to be applied to semiconductor substrates during polishing of semiconductor device structures carried thereby and for subsequently polishing similar semiconductor device structures patent, US-2009025118-A1: Apparel for protecting lower body from wetness patent, US-2008294894-A1: Binding Content Licenses to Portable Storage Devices patent, US-2006220843-A1: Interactive surveillance network and method patent, US-2008243843-A1: Predisposition Modification Using Co-associating Bioattributes patent, US-2007077163-A1: Process for forming an improved metal alloy stent patent, US-2009269538-A1: Thermoplastic film patent, US-2006211981-A1: Medical treatment procedure and system in which bidirectional fluid flow is sensed patent, US-2008161852-A1: Method For Soft Tissue Attachment patent, US-2006161590-A1: Method for automatically associating data with a document based on a prescribed type of the document patent, US-2005170574-A1: Nitride-based transistors with a protective layer and a low-damage recess and methods of fabrication thereof patent, US-2005054598-A1: RNA interference mediated inhibition hairless (HR) gene expression using short interfering nucleic acid (siNA) patent, US-2003209425-A1: Device providing electrical contact to the surface of a semiconductor workpiece during processing patent, US-2004061857-A1: Periodic patterns and technique to control misalignment between two layers patent, US-2007272852-A1: Differential mobility spectrometer analyzer and pre-filter apparatus, methods, and systems patent, US-2009140179-A1: Semiconductor die packages suitable for optoelectronic applications having clip attach structures for angled mounting of dice patent, US-2009172033-A1: Methods, systems and computer-readable media for facilitating forensic investigations of online activities patent, US-2008147755-A1: System and method for file system snapshot of a virtual logical disk patent, US-2009132401-A1: Generating a Single Advice of Charge Request for Multiple Sessions in a Network Environment patent, US-2006218187-A1: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for generating an ordered list of one or more media items patent, US-2009077900-A1: Abrasive products including active fillers patent, US-2007050191-A1: Mobile systems and methods of supporting natural language human-machine interactions patent, US-2005025948-A1: Composite laminate reinforced with curvilinear 3-D fiber and method of making the same patent, US-2005037374-A1: Combined nanotechnology and sensor technologies for simultaneous diagnosis and treatment patent, US-2006215173-A1: Multi-axis interferometer with procedure and data processing for mirror mapping patent, US-2006242164-A1: Systems, methods, and user interfaces for storing, searching, navigating, and retrieving electronic information patent, US-2007116941-A1: Pultruded component patent, US-2008214151-A1: Methods and systems for mobile coupon placement patent, US-2007281420-A1: Resistor random access memory cell with reduced active area and reduced contact areas patent, US-2008216887-A1: Interconnect Technologies for Back Contact Solar Cells and Modules patent, US-2008256048-A1: Method and apparatus for providing data processing and control in medical communication system patent, US-2003172390-A1: Mo54 gene disruptions, compositions and methods related thereto patent, US-2004032720-A1: Foldable retention device for land grid array connector assembly patent, US-2004220197-A1: Hydroanthracene based compounds as anticancer agents patent, US-2006111275-A1: Size enhanced hemoglobins: surface decoration and crosslinking of the protein with polyoxy alkylene glycols patent, US-2007232617-A1: Indole-type derivatives as inhibitors of p38 kinase patent, US-2008057131-A1: Method of modifying the release profile of sustained release compositions patent, US-2008182781-A1: Process for the Preparation of Peptides patent, US-2008315674-A1: Spoked bicycle wheel, components thereof and relative manufacturing methods patent, US-2009140376-A1: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the device patent, US-2009264412-A1: Combination Therapy Using An 11beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 Inhibitor And A Glucocorticoid Receptor Agonist To Minimize The Side Effects Associated With Glucocorticoid Receptor Agonist Therapy patent, US-540061-A: Band-cutter and feeder for thrashing-machines patent, US-2003209732-A1: Apparatus for routing signals patent, US-2004029813-A1: Novel $g(beta crystalline form of perindopril tert-butylamine salt, preparation method, and pharmaceutical compositions containing same patent, US-2004036489-A1: Electron microscopic inspection apparatus patent, US-2004241091-A1: Methods and compositions for inhibiting cellulollytic symbionts patent, US-2005101573-A1: Meiosis regulating compounds patent, US-2006211722-A1: Amino cyclobutylamide modulators of chemokine receptor activity patent, US-2007017654-A1: Non-oxidizable coating patent, US-2007244169-A1: Glucokinase activators patent, US-2008021061-A1: Tetrahydropyranyl Cyclopentyl Tetrahydropyridopyridine Modulators of Chemokine Receptor Activity patent, US-2008065037-A1: Absorbent Article patent, US-2008240243-A1: Method for estimating a motion vector patent, US-2008254440-A1: Anti-Sars Virus Antibody, Hybridoma Producing the Antibody and Immunoassay Reagent Using the Antibody patent, US-2009018266-A1: Preparation of hydrophilic nanoparticles by copolymerization of mono and divinyl monomers in micellar solution patent, US-2009285862-A1: Methods and composition for treatment of inflammatory pain patent, US-2004005727-A1: Device and method for automatically determining the surface quality of a bonding interface between two wafers patent, US-2004033386-A1: Coated steel alloy product patent, US-2004049328-A1: Method and system for reducing motor shock of a hybrid vehicle patent, US-2004119470-A1: Winding type magnetic sensor device and coin discriminating sensor device patent, US-2004165744-A1: Speaker system having a processing circuitry patent, US-2004238866-A1: Ferroelectric thin film manufacturing method, ferroelectric element manufacturing method, surface acoustic wave element, frequency filter, oscillator, electronic circuit, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2005048723-A1: Method of forming gate oxide layer in semiconductor device patent, US-2005259578-A1: Shaping apparatus, communication node and flow control method for controlling bandwidth of variable length frames patent, US-2006141203-A1: Optical recording material and optical recording medium patent, US-2007088081-A1: Polyamine conjugates as selective NMDA inhibitors and anti-cancer drugs patent, US-2007114003-A1: Modular heating system for large vehicles patent, US-2007182257-A1: Vibrator patent, US-2008043905-A1: Portable Prone Stereotactic Mammography System for Biopsies, Image Guided Lumpectomies, and Radiation Treatment patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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